We believe that innovation is available to anyone and should be a part of our daily lives 

    We're on a mission to support, promote, and help launch collective innovation initiatives 

    We incubate inclusive and impactful projects and help them become sustainable  

    We work towards creating new knowledge and and share openly 





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    AI For Good Global Summit

    Mission: Connecting AI innovators with problem owners to identify AI for Good solutions


    Since 2017, the goal of AI for Good global convening is to identify practical applications of AI to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and scale those solutions for global impact. It’s the leading action-oriented, global & inclusive gathering platform on AI.


    With curation from Enovant, AI for Good Summit is by organized by ITU in partnership with 38 UN Sister Agencies, XPRIZE Foundation, ACM and co-convened with Switzerland.



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    AI Commons

    Mission: Help democratize Artificial Intelligence as a common


    An open initiative to democratize AI for the public good, to allow anyone, anywhere to benefit from the possibilities that AI can provide




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    A Global Exploration of Our Shared Future

    Mission: Imagining our collective future


    How can we collectively imagine our future. A new global and collaborative initiative will be announced in 2023.




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    Solve Community Challenges

    Mission: Engaging communities to solve real problems


    A hub for social impact projects with a mission to help rising leaders solve challenges in their communities.

    We challenge young innovators to come up with innovative solutions to address community challenges.



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    Supporting Innovators

    Mission: Commitment to impact driven entrepreneurship

    Southern California


    "Innovators in Our Community" invests in individuals and organizations in Southern California who are working in innovative ways to create self-sustaining enterprises that address social problems by becoming effective agents of positive community and economic impact. We achieve this goal by providing access to expertise, mentorship, strategic partnerships, and funding.



    Culture focus

    Mission: Culture / Music / Innovation

    Southern California


    JazzXchange’s mission is to use the principles of jazz performance to empower communities to embrace and celebrate innovation.





    TEDx Events

    Community Inspiration Conferences

    Mission: Inspiration + Conversations + Conscience





    TEDxLive events (TED, TED Global)

    TEDxSalon events

    TEDxYouth events

    TEDxWomen events

    TEDxChange events


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    Experiential Learning - career readiness

    Mission: Providing resources for students to learn real life experience

    Southern California, CA


    A place where students can meet with companies and learn real life skills. The Portal is also a place where startups give back to the community by training students and providing short term internship.



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